Ammonia Remover Resin

Size: 100g (75L)


The Countryside Aquatics Active Ammonia Remover Resin removes harmful ammonia from your water resulting in a healthier environment for your fish.

All fish produce ammonia in their waste; therefore, every fish tank has the potential to have increased ammonia levels which can be harmful to fish.

Ammonia can cause high levels of stress in fish – this makes them more vulnerable to disease and can shorten their life span.  Even at low levels, ammonia is highly toxic to fish and can also convert to nitrates, causing more problems with your water.

Therefore, an active ammonia remover resin is an important part of your fish maintenance.  It will remove ammonia and improve the quality of life for your fish.  In addition to this, the Active Ammonia Remover resin softens the water, removes iron, manganese and tannins from your water, meaning it provides solutions to a variety of problems.

Fish health should be of primary importance to all fish keepers and here is one way to help.

This resin, as with our other ion exchange resins, can be fully regenerated.  This means that the product has a long-life span, meaning value for money and healthy water.

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