Amtra Filpo Click

Size: 160



  • Internal filter for aquariums and turtle tanks with rapid system for replacing the pre-filter cartridge
  • The front cartridge, useful for mechanical and chemical water filtration, can be replaced in just one “CLICK”, without removing the filter from the aquarium
  • Large internal capacity in the filter body for housing filter media for biological water filtration: sponge and sintered glass balls with very high porosity for the installation of both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria
  • “Spray bar” included to improve the oxygenation of the water if necessary
  • Available in the following sizes
    • FILPO CLICK 160 Maximum water flow 160 lt / h – 4.0 Watt
    • FILPO CLICK 250 Maximum water flow rate 250 lt / h – 5.0 Watt
    • FILPO CLICK 500 Maximum water flow rate 500 lt / h – 7.0 Watt

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