Betta External Filters

Size: 700


Betta Canister filters are quiet and reliable filters, they ensure low energy consumption whilst providing a high flow rate in the aquarium. Simple and easy to setup and maintain. Suitable for fresh water only ( tropical or cold water ) and supplied complete with media.

Media supplied: fine filter pads; carbon; coarse foam; ceramics; and plastic bio balls

Key features: surface skimmer

There are 3 Media compartment layers.



Flow rate: 700lph : Max Lift 0.9m : For upto 150ltrs : Power 9.5watts


Flow rate: 1050lph : Max Lift 2m : For upto 230Ltrs : Power 15watts


Flow rate: 1620lph : Max Lift 1.4m For upto 360Ltrs :Power 33watts


2000 MF642

Flow rate: 2000lph : Max Lift 2.4m For upto 540Ltrs :Power 43watts

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