BiOrb Cleaning Pads



Biorb Cleaning Pads help keep the inside of your beautiful Biorb aquarium clean and clear with minimal effort from you! Designed just for the Biorb's unique shape, you wont find an easier way to remove algae and limescale build ups.

Maintain the smooth look of your biOrb aquarium with these tailor made cleaning cloths. They have a smooth side for a regular clean, and a more rough side to get at those tough algae marks. It's important to note that these cloths are only for use on the inside of the biOrb.

The pads are made from double sided material that will not scratch acrylic. Simply use a light pressure, working downwards from the top of the tank. This avoids any media catching on the pad, and possible scratching.

The rougher side is also great for removing limescale build up too.

For any scratches check out the biOrb Scratch Remover Polish to buff our any scratches, and keep your tank looking shiny and new.

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