C3 Nitrate Resin

Size: 200g


C3 Nitrate removal resin is a very high capacity absorption resin which in the correct sized tank will completely remove all traces of nitrate from the water, at the same time making the water crystal clear.

The resin is designed for freshwater only and will work on tropical and coldwater aquariums, for best results place inside an external canister filter or is a sump in a high flow area - the more water that passes through it the faster it starts to work.

The resin is pre bagged and ready to use.

The resin once exhausted can be re charged in Salt water at a concentration of 250g per 1 litre of water for 24 hours, once done give a good rinse and place back into the filter, the item should last roughly 8 weeks between re charging however does vary based on how much nitrate is removed per day.

  • The C3 Crystal Clear Nitrate bags fit inside the filter keeping tank Nitrates down as low as zero, also giving the best clear water you will ever see. 
  • Already used by customers across Europe the results speak for themselves. 
  • The fish are brighter and much more active.  The tank looks so much cleaner and pure.  The water just gets better and better with time. 

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