Pure Water Breeder Resin

Size: 100g (75L)


The Countryside Aquatics Pure Water Breeder Resin is designed for soft water fish and is mainly, but not exclusively, aimed at South American species.

It removes the hardness from the water but does not affect ph, in fact ph is more stable with the use of the breeder resin.  The general hardness and magnesium in the water are removed which really helps to encourage the soft water species to breed along with greatly improving water quality.

The original thought for us was to develop a resin that can be used inside a fish tank to improve the water conditions for the fish we kept by creating an environment that was closer to that in the wild but we soon learned that doing so also aided in breeding.  We now look at it as happy fish make baby fish.

Our resins are of the highest quality and have been selected based on the rigorous standards that they meet, giving peace of mind to our fish keepers.

The bags fit inside canister filters with the water passing thought the resin inside the filter bag treating and keeping the water quality high in the tank consistent and for long periods of time.

On top of all those benefits, it is very easy to regenerate which gives you long use and value for money.

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