Red Sea Marine Care Program Ammonia Test Kit



Ammonia Test Kit

Red Sea’s Ammonia test kit is an advanced colorimetric test, measuring the total ammonia (NH3/NH4) in marine aquariums to an accuracy of 0.15ppm. The toxicity of Ammonia is dependent on the pH and temperature of the water. After completing the test calculate the toxic ammonia as instructed. Part of the Marine Care program, this simple to use test kit is essential during the initial stage of the biological maturation of all marine and reef aquariums. See Red Sea’s Reef Mature Pro kit for details. Important notes for using the Marine Care Program Test Kits
  • Before testing clean the glass vials and the large syringe by rinsing it with the water
  • After testing rinse all syringes and vials with RO or distilled water before storing. If vials are left unwashed a residue can form that will affect the results of future tests. Use a slightly acidic solution such as citric acid to remove the residue.
  • In order to ensure an accurate drop size always hold reagent bottle vertically above the test vial, and gently squeeze out each drop
  • Close all reagents tightly immediately after use
  • The test reagents are stable up to the date stated on the pack when stored closed between 15 – 25 °C
  • Store the reagents and color card in the plastic box to prevent damage from prolonged exposure to light.

Directions for Ammonia Test

1. Using the syringe provided, place exactly 5 ml of the water to be tested into the glass vial. 2. Add a leveled measuring spoon of Ammonia Reagent A, close the vial with the cap and shake for 10 seconds. 3. Add 5 drops of Ammonia Reagent B, close the vial with the cap and shake for 10 seconds. 4. Add 5 drops of Ammonia Reagent C, close the vial with the cap and shake for 10 seconds 5. Wait 15 minutes for the color in the vial to stabilize. 6. Remove the cap and move the vial between the designated positions on the color card, look into the vial from above and compare the color in the vial to the colors on the card. Choose the Amonnia level that gives the closest color match and if necessary estimate an intermediate value. 7. The color in the reaction vial will remain stable for 5 minutes. Do not relate to the color in the reaction vial after this time


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