Red Sea Reefer XL 525

Colour: Reefer XL 525 White


After you notice the size and beauty of the new Red Sea Reefer XL 525, the next think you might ask is obvious: where's the lighting rig?

That's what makes the Red Sea Reefer XL 525 so different. Along with it's smaller sister (the 425), it features a rimless design - a completely open-topped aquarium that allows amazing customisation of your aquarium lighting, from simple hang-on hoods to stunning suspended lighting rigs from your ceiling.

Not only does this give you completely unrestricted control over your lighting, but it also helps keep the aquarium water at the right temperature, without interference from the heat given off by built-in lighting hoods that have a tendency to heat the water faster than your aquarium chiller can cool it, adding to your electricity bill and putting your aquatic life in more danger than they need to be.

The next generation of Red Sea Aquariums

Buyers of the new Red Sea Reefer XL 525 aquarium benefit from years of aquatics experience and enthusiasm from the Red Sea team, much of which has been poured lovingly into the design of these new tanks, featuring state-of-the-art filtration, sump mechanisms and auto-topup tech, making keeping a large aquarium much easier than with previous models.

Even at a glance at the spec, experienced keepers can see the effort and expertise gone into the design:

  • Ultra-clear bevelled edge rimless glass.
  • Pro sump with constant height adjuster, fitted with micron filter bags.
  • Silent running.
  • Emergency overflow.
  • Ready to assemble piping (no gluing this time!)
  • For added safety 15mm glass.
  • Integral surface skimmer.
  • Built in auto topup in sump.
  • Volume: 340L.
  • Sump Volume: 116L.
  • Total volume (inc sump) 456L.
  • Size: L-150cm x W-57.5cm x D-55cm.
  • Height with cabinet: 142cm.
  • Recommended sump pump (not included) 4000LPH.

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